Monday, August 20, 2012


What quilt can you make a teenage guy?  Wanting to make a quilt for each of my children as they graduated from high school I was stumped.  Easy to make one for a girl.  I belong to a quilt group and one day someone was showing their quilt made from monster fabric.  He still had half of it left over and did not want to make another one.  What was he going to do with the leftovers?  "Sell it to me!" 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few years ago I spent one Saturday a month at my local library's book club discussing mysteries.  That first time we were handed a list of mystery writers to help get us started.  I looked through the list, saw an author that I'd never heard of before and read the general summary of what the entire series was about.  Found the first book and on a whim decided not to read the back cover or inside the jacket.  After all, I had to read it anyway for discussion, right?  (Everyone read whatever they wanted but they had to tell about the book they had picked).  What a surprise!  The mystery started out for 3 chapters with the one person I thought was the main character.  She got bumped off in the 4th chapter and her sister who we knew about but never 'met' came on the scene and was actually the main character after that.  When I was done I read the back cover that clearly stated who was killed.  What a let down that would have been had I known before hand.

I haven't read the back or inside jacket of a book since and I find I have enjoyed reading so much more. 

How do I determine what to read next if I don't know what the book is about?  I do read summaries and listen to people who are excited about what they are reading.  I have an on-going list of books to read that sound interesting and label them accordingly: mystery, romance, non-fiction, etc.  So after reading a mystery I may decide I now want sci-fi so I'll look at that list and grab a book.  By the time I get to said book I have forgotten what it was about.  Try it sometime!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Night Flight Quilt

Lindbergh's Night Flight is my signature quilt.  I have made several of these and given all of them away except for this one.  I hand quilted the top (probably my last one) and looking back I wonder what was I thinking?  I had it set up in the living room with four young children running around.  This is old and faded but I still love this block.  I am always searching for fabric to make another and am fortunate that I have friends who also help me with this.  I do wonder what others think when my friends and I are together and one of them hands me fabric saying, "Look what I found that you can fly over."