Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The date on this stamped piece is 1998.  It is supposed to be an embroidery piece which as you can see I started.  Got bored and put it away.  Later I got interested in beading and decided to add that dimension on here.  I laid them down in rows.  Got bored with that and put it away.  A few years ago I took 2 on-line classes for beaded bracelets which were done in stacks and layers of beading and decided to get this piece out again.  It is not moving quickly and I do put it away for long periods of time.  I have tried in the past to do at least 15 minutes a day on it. 

Am hoping by putting this 'out there' I will feel inclined to have to work on it.  Will start today's 15 minutes right now.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

American Quilt Show

Quilt Week in Grand Rapids, MI has arrived.  A friend and I went yesterday for opening day.  There were free magazines on the table when we walked in, checked out all the quilts (some wonderful, some not so wonderful) and hit the vendors (my favorite part).  I tried to stay away from fabric since there are several quilt shops in my area and instead focused on items I don't normally see.  However, I did have to buy a black and white piece: white background with black skeletons seeing as how my daughter is studying mortuary science. 

Of course, I had to hit the sale books.  All books in the back were $5.00.  I actually found a book I have been looking at for some time.  Also found three other books that I'd never looked at but had to have.  We also sat in on a talk about natural fabric dyeing.  And ran into some people I knew but hadn't seen in a long time. 

We were there almost to closing, were winding up on our purchases when my friend looked at the two bills in my hand,  "Is that all you've got left?" she asked.  "Yeah."  She pulled out her money and counted what little she had and then looked at me.  "What's the problem?" I asked.  "We agreed neither one of us wanted dinner."  "Yeah, but we still need to get out of the parking garage."  Oh, we have a problem.

Fortunately they took charge cards.