Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Machine Embroidery - Animals

I have been playing with my embroidery machine and just picking random animals.  I had fun making up these six on the left but what to do with them?  I could make them into a baby quilt but there are no little ones on the horizon.  As I looked at each individual one I heard, "Well, there's Grampa, his picture on the mantel staring down at everyone." "There's Homer out fishing.  Hope he doesn't catch those three seahorses."      Why don't I make this into a story?  I could write above each block, sew them together and then . . . what?  Save it for someone who will show up in the future?  Raffle it off?  Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Old Bible Handbook

Cleaning out my parents belongings I am finding things I have never seen in my life.  And some of it has been very interesting.

Take for instance this twenty-fourth edition, 1965, Halley's Bible Handbook complete with the Latest Archaeological Discoveries.  But the oddest note I found was this:

The Most Important Page in This Book is 814

And it's not the last page.  It is a suggestion as to what goes in a sermon or reading in the church.