Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hand Quilted Top

Am putting the final touches in my writing room.  My bay window is finished off complete with cordless shades, and the walls have been painted.  Today I hung pictures.  Still need to finish the curtain for the closet and then I will be done!

My mother's aunt hand pieced this quilt top.  It even has some of her basting stitches still in it.  It is exquisitely done and my mother always wanted a way to show off both sides.  She thought putting it in between two pieces of glass would work and that's as far as she went with the idea.  I got it away from her one day and took it to a framer who did just that.  My brother and I paid for it and gave it to her as a birthday present.

It hung on her wall for years until it finally came to me.  Unfortunately, until now I had no place to properly hang it.

Today it is proudly back up on the wall where it should be.