Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Defining a Christian/Inspirational Book

Recently I did a book signing.  I took a break at one point leaving my husband to manage things.  When I came back he asked me, "Do you call your books Christian?"

"No!  You've read my books, you know they're not."

"Why can't they be called Christian?  You don't have any devil worship in them."

"No, but I have sex in them. Swearing."

 "Christians don't swear?  None of them?  How do they propagate?"

 "Well, I suppose you have a point there.  And I do have my main character telling her boyfriend 'no' all through high school."  I thought about this for a moment because since I've started this publishing odyssey I've been asked this question numerous times plus, "Do you have swear words in your books?"  (Oddly enough people are more upset by swear words than sex.  I know because I've asked).

I said to my husband, "What brought this question up?"

"I had a woman ask me if your books were Christian and I didn't know the answer."

"So, what did you say to her?"

"I asked her her definition of a Christian book."

"What'd she say?"

He shrugged.  "She said she didn't know."

Hmmm. So I have 3 award-winning romance/mystery books that may or may not be Christian books.

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