Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knit Clothes Pin Bag

I am one of those people who enjoy hanging my clothes out on the line to dry.  However, I always seem to have a flimsy bag to hold my clothes pins in.  After a very long winter of snow and cold it was nice to have a few days in the 60's. I took some freshly washed sheets outside and there I was with my pins falling out of my bag.  Need, once again to get a new one.  Something durable.  Something to last a few seasons. 

Now there are several things I could have done but I'm not one to do the norm. 

And what about all those selvedges that I've been collecting from making quilts?  I actually have two sets and friends have also donated their selvedges so I have a lot.  One set of just the selvedge and the other group has at least an inch of the actual fabric attached.  My thin group I have tied together and rolled into a ball.  The idea was to knit something with it. 

And for two days I did just that. 

Next up: bags, purses, place-mats, table runners . . .