Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Odd Pieces of Fabric

I am working on a quilt right now using different size blocks and am trying to get them all to 13 inches.  I am also trying to use fabric that I haven't used before.  I hate to admit it but the majority of my fabric has been forgotten.  So, while I am sorting through trying to find matches to my already made blocks I have come across some interestingly cut out fabric.
This looks like I was thinking of making an apron (possibly while drinking).  Note the pattern is upside down. I think I'll blame it on one of the kids.

Really don't know what I was thinking here.  The one looks like maybe I cut out leaves?  And the thing is: I can't even find a quilt with these fabrics in it let alone these shapes. 

I really need to use my stash up.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Old Blocks to Remember

I have pretty much finished up most of my quilt projects and decided to start a new one.  Years ago a group of us decided to make blocks, once a month, for each one.  There were seven or eight of us so you had to make that many each month.  As far as I know, nobody has done anything with these.

I decided I have to.  Enter the box:
Now my friend was impressed that I remembered where these blocks were but they're in a chocolate chip cookie box.  Couldn't forget that!  I was impressed that I found the book I had bought to go with it.  It was in an entirely different spot in my studio.

I felt I needed this book because of the fact that my squares range anywhere from 3 1/2 inches all the way to 15 inches.

And one that is rectangular:

Sometimes we were trying out something new to see if we liked the process:

I have 35 blocks or possibly 34.  For some reason I have two of the same.  Was there an extra one I was given for some reason? Or, what really bothers me, was it given to me to hand to someone else and I forgot?

Perhaps one of my quilt sisters could tell me if they are missing a block that looks like this.

Fortunately two people wrote their names (meaning just on two blocks) and one gave a date -- 1998.   For the most part I don't remember who did what block however there are those that I recognize immediately.  One loves batiks, one enjoys paper piecing.  If you ever decide to do this make it a rule that everyone has to put their name and date on their block.  And make sure it's in the design, not along the edge where it will be sewn under.

Looking back, I wish I had also made a block for myself.  I gave all of mine away and now have no remembrance of what I did.