Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finding Time to Read

When I am out doing book signings the topic usually comes up about people not having the time to read.  Personally I read at night.  It is my night-time ritual.  Most people say, "Yes, I've tried that but I fall asleep."  Yes, I do too!  That's the relaxing part after a run-around-day.

Right now I am reading, and thoroughly enjoying, Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize winning book: All The Light We Cannot See.  

530 pages and I am 71% through it according to Goodreads where I keep track of all my books.  I started this on Oct. 4th -- three weeks ago.  I make a goal of reading at least 2 pages a night.  Sometimes, lots of times, I read more, 5 pages, 10 pages, sometimes over 25 pages.  I read until I fall asleep.

Other times I take a book with me when my husband and I are headed out.  He drives and I can read then unless I'm checking out the fall colors here in the Midwest.  Or he stops for something he needs.  Who knows how long he'll be in the store and I'm just sitting in the car.  I haul my book out.  Yesterday I only got a paragraph read before he was back but there have been times I've read several pages before he's reappeared. 

Most people feel they have to sit down and read the whole book or at least read through it in a few days.  But you can stay in that world for as long as you like.  Even re-reading it if the mood hits.

Just enjoy reading wherever you are, no matter the time limit.