Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breaking my string . . .

For the few years that I have been doing book signings it seems that at every one of them someone (or two, or three) will come up and ask me, "Do you use any swear words?" or a variation of this.  I find this odd in that, they never ask about sex or violence in my books.  

I finally started asking people why they are only interested in that aspect.  "I never read a book with swear words."  But what about violence?  Sex?  "Oh, that's just part of the story.  There is no place for swear words, though."


Recently I was nearing the end of a book signing wondering when the question was going to come up.  Maybe, just maybe, my string of people asking me this was  broken.  I checked my watch, a half hour to go and here she came.

With a stern expression she asked, "Are these Christian books?"

I stared back at her, "No."

 She slammed her big purse on my table.  "I'll take one."